Step 1
NASA's earth art library awaits.

Search by location, date or both, to find beautiful photographs that were captured by NASA satellites orbiting high above the earth. You can choose from Geo, Thermal and Night View maps.

Step 2
Create a personal connection.

Want to add a personal message that connects the photo with a special moment in someone's life? Use our custom text tool to add a personalized message and choose your fonts, colors placement and more.

Step 3
Share your view of the world.

Art was meant to be admired, so we've made it easy to share your personalized satellite photography. Generate a custom link to email or post to social media and let the world (or someone special) know how you feel.

What bit will you share?

People create YORBIT earth art to commemorate a special moment, share a thought about a special place, and more. What do you want to share?